Indian Mother

The Indian Mother

June 1st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner]

Basket Ball Player

June 6st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner]
Arrogant Actor

The Arrogant Actor

June 7st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner & Stabilo Point Color]
Travesty, Male or Female


May 26st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner]
Blade of Grass, Man

Man with the Blade of Grass

May 26st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner]
Truck Driver

Truck Driver

May 29st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner]
Wondering, Asthonished

Wonder Woman

June 8st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner & Colored Ink]
Line Color Drawing of Man in Hody

Boy from the Hood

June 14th, 2017 [A4, Fineliner & Stabilo Point Color]
Geometric Line Face

Madame Ligné

June 6th, 2017 [A4, Fineliner & Stabilo Point Color]
Homeless Boy at Bus Stop

Homeless Boy at Bus Stop

May 28st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner]
Quick sketch of cafe

Girls Night Out

Quick Sketch - October 31st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner & Water Color]
Prison, Outbreak, Prison Outbreak at night

Outbreak at Night

May 27st, 2017 [A4, Fineliner]
Indian Tribe Family

Tribe Family

May 25th, 2017 [A4, Fineliner]
Walking the Dog along the Water

Single Park Night

Quick Sketch - October 30th, 2017 [A4, Fineliner]
Man with Hat on Town street

Stranger in the Village

Quick Sketch - October 10th, 2017 [A4, Fineline & Water Colors]]
Child blowing Bubbles

Childish Thinking

2017 [A5, Fineliner]
To Carry the Weight of the world

To Carry the Weight of the World

2017 [A5, Fineliner]
Social interaction failure, Social pressure

Social Rain

2017 [A5, Fineline]
Grab a ball in water

Accept a Helping Hand

2017 [A5, Fineliner]
Cubic Faced Man

Straight Guy

2017 [A5, Fineliner]
Society Dillema

The Society Paradox

2017 [A5, Fineliner]

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